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Home Kubernetes cluster

Want to learn and/or experiment with kubernetes but minikube is not enough? Then the best way is to have a real cluster of your own. On your home PC, out of charge. All you need is some basic Linux knowledge and a PC with at least 6GB of RAM. The setup in this post uses virtual machines for the cluster nodes, run by Oracle VirtualBox. The OS of the nodes is Ubuntu Server 22.04. The version of Kubernetes is 1.24.3. It was tested on a Windows 10 Host (but should work on any OS, supported by Oracle VirtualBox). Create a virtual machine and install Ubuntu Server Install Oracle VirtualBox , if not already done so and create a VM with 2 CPUs and (at least) 2GB RAM. Install Ubuntu Server on it. Here are the steps in detail: 1. Create the VM, name it "kube01". This will be the control-plane node. 2. Set the RAM to 2GB (2048MB). 3. Create a virtual hard disk. 4. Select VDI as type. 5. Choose dynamically allocated size. 6. Select 20GB for size and finish the wizard. 7. Edit the created