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Refreshing Access Tokens in a Reactive Environment with Spring-Boot and Webflux

 Let's say we have a typical oauth2 setup with a frontend service, an authorization server and a resource server, based on Spring Boot and using Webflux. The login of the end-user is processed using the "authorization_code" grant type. Here is how it works: 1. The user opens the URL of the frontend service in their browser (e.g. The frontend service redirects the user to the authorization server (e.g. 2. The browser follows the redirect, opens the authorization server's URL and the user logs in with their credentials. The authorization server redirects the user back to the frontend service, including a code (authorization_code) parameter in the URL. 3. The browser follows the redirect and opens the frontend service URL. The frontend service calls internally the authorization server with the code provided and receives the access and refresh tokens. It stores them in the http session of the user. The login is completed.