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Home VPN with DNS server

you have some servers at home (e.g. a kubernetes cluster) but you want to work with them at Starbucks or out in the green? Here is how to setup a VPN server in your home network with a DNS server that would resolve anything you want. The DNS Server Even if you don't need the VPN, you can set up a DNS server, that would resolve any host you want. Of course you can just put the hosts in the /etc/hosts file on every device, but that could be tricky if you have a lot of devices/VMs and change/add hosts frequently, or if you need them on a tablet/smart phone. The following shows how to install and configure the DNS server bind9 on a Ubuntu Server. It could be a standalone server or a VM or even a Raspberry Pi. Install bind9 bind9 is the DNS server that I am going to use. Here is how to install it: $ sudo apt update $ sudo apt install bind9 $ sudo apt install dnsutils Add Forwarders Edit the file /etc/bind/named.conf.options and add: forwarders {; }; You can use a