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Using and customizing spring-security-oauth2-resource-server with Spring Boot

As you might know, the old spring-security-oauth2-autoconfigure was deprecated and replaced by spring-security-oauth2-resource-server. Here I will try to demonstrate how to use it in a typical setup: web server (as a client, using authorization_code grant type) - authorization server - resource server, with some customization (loading additional properties from the check_token and user info endpoints). The Authorization Server A lot has been going on in the spring framework about this, so I am not going to put much details here. You can use any authorization server implementation, including the deprecated one from spring-security-oauth2 or the new one spring-security-oauth2-authorization-server or any other non-spring implementation, that follows the oauth 2.0/2.1 specification. All of the following examples are based on spring-boot and using spring-security. The Resource Server Dependencies <dependency> <groupId> </groupId> <

Cloud Storage: Best Choice?

Backup? Should I pay? Here are the answers. Cloud storage becomes more and more popular for personal use. Regardless uploading files manually or using automated upload/backup, the space provided for free is never enough. And so it comes, that you need to buy some cloud storage. In this post, I'm trying to compare the 4 most popular vendors: Dropbox, Google, Microsoft and Apple. Dropbox Dropbox provides the best integration - an official client app is available for all popular platforms: Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux Desktop. The free subscription allows up to 2GB of data and maximum of 3 devices. Two personal plans are provided for Dropbox Plus: Standard, which gives you 2TB and unlimited number of devices for 1 user and Family, which allows you to share these 2TB with up to 6 users. The prices in Germany of 12€/month (120€/year) for standard and 20€/month (204€/year) make Dropbox the most expensive of them all. Microsoft OneDrive Official apps are available for all